domingo, 28 de setembro de 2008

Mais fotos de vôo

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Queta disse...

Caraca, amigo, quanta gente famosaaaaa!
Adorei ver vc na mídia - agora só falta eu tomar coragem pra voar também!

Miguel disse...

Olá, como faço para entrar em contato com o Mosquito?

hybisco disse...

Eu queria agendar um salto!
Por favor entre em contato comigo:

Raquel Grandi disse...

Mosquito! Estarei no Rio este mês, no período de 27/09 a 30/09, e quero fazer um voo contigo!
Preciso do seu contato (e-mail e telefone) e demais informações a respeito do voo (valor, transfer, etc).
Meu e-mail é:


Marko Jocic disse...

I have travelled to Brazil all the way from Perth, Australia. I spent 7 days in Rio De Janeiro and on my birthday (2nd janurary 2018) my girlfriend bought me a hang gliding experiance with mosquito as it was on my bucketlist to do. When i first met Misquito i noticed him limping as if he had a leg injury. As we got up to the hill, he gave me instructions but became aggressive when i was doing things wrong. He said it was terrible the way i ran. His english wasnt good because of his accent so i was trying my best to follow his instructions. As we flew off. He kept telling me to keep my head up and not look down. ( i wanted to look at the scenery) he said i couldn't have my sunglasses on as it may fall off. Although my girlfreind had her sunglasses on with another instructor. Whilst i was in the air, he kept shrugging his shoulder because my hand was on there as he instructed me to do so, he seemed agitated. He did try to brighten the moment by saying everything is all good and happy birthday to me but his moods kept changing. As we landed,.i noticed he struggled to get the hang glider up on the concrete surface as he was walking up the ramp. He was taking small steps and kept dropping the hang glider on the ground. I could tell he has some sort of back injury because he was trying to stretch his back. It wasnt the best experiance as i thought it was would be due to him constantly getting angry at me and giving me instructions up in the air. I understand the risk that involves in the recreation, but i just wanted to enjoy the scenery without him shouting at me every 30 seconds. He failed to explain that video and photo is included in the price BUT only the side video from the wing. The front and back was an extra 100 reais. My girlfriend said that she had a much better experiance with a different instructor. Also as we flew off the ramp.
My girlfreind heard the people waiting for their jump were saying that mosquito is very rude and aggressive. And mosquitos colleague forgot to take my girlfreind back down to the hill to the beach to meet up with me.